Tips and tricks

How can I download software to the mobile phone?
You can download software to your PC and transfer it to your mobile phone via bluetooth or cable. Easier way is to go with your mobile phone default browser to http://www.web2mobi.net/downloads.wml and download it straight to your mobile phone. Please remember to remove old version from your mobile phone before installing the new version.

What should I do after installation?
If you have Nokia S60 phone, you can go to Manager --> highlight the application --> press Options and Select Settings --> and change Network access = Ask first time. This allows convenient usage of application.

Can I run simulataneous many softwares?
If you have mobile phone, which allows multitasking, it is possible. If you have for example Nokia S60 series mobile phone, you can leave softwares running in the background. They will wake up if you get incoming instant message or you get automatic stock information. You can leave software to background by pressing shortly the red button. You can wake it up by pressing Menu button for a while and select the application you desire.