Privacy policy

Explanation of Mobile clients

All mobile clients work straight from your mobile phone to the Internet back end systems and services. There are no intermediate servers provided by Web2Mobi. For example your Gmobi Google Talk client connects direct to the Google servers via encypted SSL/TLS protocol. So anybody can't spy your conversation or userid/password.

What information do You provide to us?

You can send error data to Web2Mobi from your client software. It is voluntary but providing error information to Web2Mobi helps development of client softwares. Error data is related only to error situation, no personal information is included to the error data.

Use of Information

Web2Mobi uses error information to development of client softwares.

Software Updates

Software updates can be done only by downloading new client software by yourself. There are no automatic process for that, so you always know when you install new version of client software.