What is Web2Mobi™?
It is site, which offers J2ME clients to your mobile phone. You can use these clients to get information from public internet resources like RSS feeds and Web services.

How can I download software to the mobile phone?
You can download software to your PC and transfer it to your mobile phone via bluetooth or cable. Easier way is to go with your mobile phone default browser to http://www.web2mobi.net/downloads.wml and download it straight to your mobile phone. Please remember to remove old version from your mobile phone before installing the new version.

How much does it cost?
The client softwares are free, but you have to pay data transfer costs to your operator. It is recommended to make some kind of data plan with your operator.

How much data is transfered during the use of clients?
It depends how much do you use softwares. You can monitor your data tranfer amounts in your phone, for example if you have Nokia S60 phone, you can go to Log --> GPRS counter.

What phones are capable to run these client softwares?
Basically all mobile phones with Java MIDP 2.0 and GPRS capability. We have tested these client softwares with Nokia 2610 mobile phone and Nokia 6600 mobile phone. Nokia 2610 is cheap (50 dollars) basic S40 phone and Nokia 6600 is old S60 smart phone.